What is Sublimation Printing

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Sublimation printing is a technique that embeds your design into the material of your chosen product, rather than printing on top of it. It’s used to print on all sorts of items, ranging from hard-surfaced mugs to various textile products.

Sublimation printing starts with your design being printed on a sheet of paper. The sublimation paper is infused with sublimation ink that is then transferred to the material using a heat press.

Heat is vital to the process. It opens up the material of the item being printed, and activates the sublimation ink. For the ink to become part of the material, it’s put under immense pressure, and exposed to high temperatures of 350-400 ºF (176-205 ºC).

With tie-dyed and 60's design back in fashion, all-over print graphics are all the rage now. Use sublimation printing to make the whole product your canvas, and create a statement piece of your own!

Don’t have a design at the ready? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

Sublimation transfers must be used with recommended 65% polyester are higher (higher the polyester count more vibrant colors will appear), some do use with as low as 50% polyester count on white and/or light colored garments. These type transfers CAN NOT be applied to a dark-colored or black garments because there is not white ink used. Where the image appears white, it will become the color of the shirt. White will keep it white, but if you apply to a gray or other color garment, the white colors will be whatever color the shirt is. You can think of Sublimation as being "transparent" in color as the high quality inks are permanently dyed INTO not onto garment. The design color will be altered slightly when you receive sublimation transfer as the true colors when appear more vibrant once pressed. *WE CAN ONLY RECOMMEND THESE TRANSFERS BE APPLIED WITH A HEAT PRESS* Detailed application instructions included with each transfer. Please note these are for the transfers only. Shirts/accessories shown in images are not included.

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